13 nov 17
13 nov 17
Watch: Privacy Platform on behavioural targeting and online privacy

The theme of this edition's Privacy Platform was “Track or Treat!" Behavioural targeting and online privacy.’ The panel  discussed the state-of-play of the ePrivacy Regulation and its likely consequences for online behavioural targeting and advertising. Why does the EU need a new regulation regarding online privacy? Which balance to strike between user friendliness and privacy protection? How will publishers be impacted by the new rules? These questions were, among others, adressed in this Privacy Platform's panel from a policy, academic and business perspective.

The panellists that attended the Privacy Platform were:

Gina Neff - Oxford Internet Institute, Senior Research Fellow on Innovation and the Digital Transformation of Industries

Mathilde Fiquet - EU Legal Affairs Manager, the Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing (FEDMA)

Ross Phillipson - Associate General Counsel, Global Privacy, CyberSecurity and IT law, Procter & Gamble 

Raegan Macdonald - EU Policy Manager at Mozilla