Woensdag 9 oktober
Event “Upholding human rights & gender equality in the new EP”
Maandag 14 oktober
Tentoonstelling "the lives of sex workers around the world"

Van 14 tot en met 18 oktober vindt in het Europees Parlement een fototentoonstelling plaats in samenwerking met Mariska & Robin Majoor. 

This exhibition shows photographs of sex workers from around the world. These series of photos are the result of a trip to 13 countries across 5 continents and have also been published in a book.[1] The pictures are portraits of sex workers, with their stories presented alongside these portraits. The stories show that the rights of sex workers are often under pressure, due to the unclear or harmful laws, stigma, and gender based discrimination and violence. The exhibition presents the lives and perspectives of sex workers, triggering a reflection about the diverse human stories behind the policy discussions on this topic. The exhibition wants to contribute to a better understanding of sex workers’ experiences and their daily lives.


[1] Mariska & Robin Majoor, United under a red umbrella - sex work around the world, Amsterdam, 2018.


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Dinsdag 15 oktober
Lunch event on the policy responses to violations of sex workers' fundamental rights
Woensdag 16 oktober
Lunch event on the freedom of the press and the safety of journalist in Europe
Vrijdag 25 oktober
Deelname ALDE Party Congres in Athene
Woensdag 6 november
Lezing in Gent voor studenten Queteletcolleges  
Zaterdag 9 november
D66 Congres in Breda
Woensdag 11 december
Seminar on strategic litigation


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