10 jul 17
Sophie in 't Veld writes a letter to CEPOL

Dear Mr Bánfi,   According to its mandate[1], CEPOL should promote common respect for, and understanding of, fundamental rights in law enforcement. By contributing to ....lees verder >



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@SophieintVeld Aug 22

RT @debackerphil : The fallacy of business cases throughout the years...#privacy https://t.co/CxncMP243r

@SophieintVeld Aug 22

RT @MichalBoni : On 31.08.2017 on @EP_Justice  in the EP Commissioner @TimmermansEU  will present recent developments in PL and their impact o…

@SophieintVeld Aug 22

Terror laws should be scrapped, says Government's independent reviewer of terrorism legislation https://t.co/zdwE58LxWt

@SophieintVeld Aug 22

Hear hear! Clear message to neo-nazis,and by extension to all hate-filled violent extremists. https://t.co/RzLNznRzSs

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